Spironolactone, a Little Known Treatment for Female Baldness

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Female hereditary baldness is not an uncommon condition as it affects about 25% of women at some stage in their lives. Unlike male pattern baldness, though having the same roots, it is more difficult to recognize in its early stage due to its diffuse balding pattern. And it is also more difficult to treat since women cannot use the men's hair loss pill Propecia and they do not usually make suitable candidates for hair transplantation due to their diffuse balding pattern. Hence, the only effective medicinal treatment they can use is minoxidil (Rogaine for women). And that is usually not enough to halt their hair loss, let alone to reverse it.

However, there is a relatively little known drug called spironolactone (Aldactone) that can be prescribed to female hair loss patients off-label to treat hereditary form of baldness. Spironolactone is a long known diuretic used originally to treat high blood pressure but it also possesses strong antiandrogenic properties so that it can be used to reduce elevated or undesired androgen activity in the body. Due to these antiandrogenic properties it is often prescribed to the female patients to treat hirsutism (undesired growth of facial hair), seborrhea, resistant hormonal acne and also androgenetic alopecia. Spironolactone affects the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main cause of hereditary baldness, in the body as well as its activity by binding to the DHT receptor sites at hair follicles and so protecting them from harmful effects of DHT.

Since women cannot use Propecia (finasteride) this drug is the only available option to them to address their hair loss problem at its roots. Unfortunately, many doctors have never heard of spironolactone's hair growth promoting effects and are unwilling to prescribe it to their female hair loss patients. And if they finally do so, usually in dosages much lower than 200mg daily which is needed to effect hair regrowth. So we cannot blame female hair loss sufferers who in their desperation to preserve their hair buy generic Aldactone online without asking their doctor first. Aldactone (spironolactone) is most suitable to women who no longer wish to have children and it should be combined with some contraceptive and needs to be used long term. This drug should not be prescribed to male hair loss patients due to its strong feminizing effects. For that reason it happens to be used as a part of the hormonal therapy after surgery in male-to-female transsexuals.