Spectral DNC for Hair Loss: Effective or Not?

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Spectral DNC is held to be one of the most innovative and the most effective hair loss treatments available today. Besides minoxidil, the first substance that has been ever been approved by the FDA for treating hair loss, this topical treatment also contains a number of other promising ingredients. These include aminexil, a substance similar to minoxidil in its chemical structure, believed to possess similar properties and hair growth benefits as minoxidil and retinoic acid, which is used to peel off the top skin levels and thus improve absorption of topically applied substances. Furthermore, Spectral DNC contains some of the most promising substances of natural origin thought to promote hair growth such as procyanidins, adenosine and saw palmetto. Copper peptides are another, possibly useful ingredient, as they help your skin regenerate faster and protect it from possible allergic reactions that could make this treatment impossible. And last but not least, this product contains a whole lot of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals vital to healthy hair growth.

There seem to be a couple of versions of this product to suit everybody. Spectral DNC-L for instance is a version specially designed for use by male patients in later stages of baldness as it contains the amino acid arginine that is supposed to stimulate nitric oxide formation. On the other hand Spectral RS is a female formula leaving out minoxidil. All versions of Spectral DNC and Spectral RS rely on special nanosome delivery system to increase absorption of their active ingredients and to improve results. So, this all sounds great. But how effective is this product? It should be said that its consumer reviews seem to be some of the best amongst hair regrowth products, despite the fact that many people complain about bad smell and undesired hair coloring when using this weird mixture. However, one thing that springs to ones mind after reading consumer testimonials is that 5% minoxidil could be the most powerful ingredient of this treatment after all and that all additional ingredients, which make this mixture so unbearably smelly, put together make up only a marginal contribution to the overall efficacy of Spectral DNC or any of its commercial versions. So to conclude, with this product it seems you get what you pay for but less would not necessarily do you much less good. Hence, some of us might be equally well off just to buy Rogaine or plain minoxidil instead.