New Compound Discovery to Treat Stress-Related Hair loss

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Many hair loss sufferers have tried myriads of different hair regrowth therapies but have come back where they started and settled down for treatments that are FDA approved and work somehow, such as Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). Although there are countless research projects into treating baldness going on around the world, nothing seems too hot at the moment. It is always the same old story, high hopes in the initial stages and slow or little progress later. Hair cloning, no matter how promising it may sound will take at least another five (more likely ten) years to become reality. However, new discoveries can move the hair loss science way ahead at any time.

A team of researches investigating how stress affects gastrointestinal functions have recently made an accidental discovery that might hold the key to treating some types of baldness. It seems they have found a chemical compound which promotes new hair growth by blocking a stress-related hormone that is believed to be associated with causing hair loss. They claim that a short-term treatment with this compound induces a long term hair growth in chronically stressed mice. This could open new ways to treating hair loss in men caused by extreme stress as well as aging. It goes without saying that no human studies have been done yet. The compound they tested is a peptide called astressin-B. This effect has so far been only observed in mice so human studies are needed to confirm whether it works the same way in men.