Hair Loss Pills

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Hereditary form of hair loss is the most widespread form of baldness affecting about 40% of men and 25% of women and, therefore, receiving the biggest attention when it comes to finding effective treatment. At the moment no ultimate pill for genetically determined hereditary form of hair loss exists but there are a number of medications proven to be effective in a majority of patients. Only three out of those medications are pills, all of them used once daily. Propecia is the best known pill for hair loss and the only FDA approved oral treatment for baldness. However, it is suitable only for men. Propecia works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thus protecting the susceptible hair follicles from harmful attacks by DHT. It helps protect hair in the midscalp and vertex area of the scalp but its efficacy in the frontal area of the scalp has not been confirmed. 85% of male patients positively react to this drug. Finasteride is also available in the form of the cheap generic Proscar 5mg pills that can also be used to treat hair loss but patients must cut them in five equal pieces thus manufacturing their own generic Propecia.

Dutasteride (Avodart) is a newer product from the same class of drugs as finasteride and it has undergone the clinical testing recently (all three stages) and the final results are pending. It is also only suitable to the male patients. It is considered to be a stronger DHT inhibitor than finasteride (Propecia) and thus the more powerful hair loss treatment. However, it is also expected to have longer lasting negative side effects than Propecia, though final study results have not yet been released to confirm this assumption. Preliminary results showed that it is more effective in the frontal area of the scalp and its side effects were not more severe than those of finasteride.

The only existing hair loss pill suitable for women is spironolactone (Aldactone). It is a diuretic used to treat an array of different medical conditions that has been found to be effective in treating female pattern baldness. Being an antiandrogen, it acts by protecting hair follicles from DHT effects by binding to the receptor sites as well by reducing DHT levels in the body. Not every doctor in every country knows it and is ready to prescribe spironolactone off-label to their female patients for treating baldness. Oral spironolactone should not be used by male patients. This is a relatively inexpensive medication since you can buy generic Aldactone online in almost any online pharmacy. However, make sure you get it prescribed by your doctor, first. Dosage of spironolactone is a real science so always use it upon recommendation of your doctor.