Bimatoprost - A Hair Loss Research to Watch

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Bimatoprost, a well known glaucoma treatment, which has been recently approved by the FDA for extending eye lashes after it proved to be able to promote their growth, thickness and make them darker, has also become of great interest to hair loss research. Now hair scientists are exploring the benefits of bimatoprost for its use in patients suffering from hair loss and the initial results look very positive. Although it may take years until we know how to best apply bimatoprost and its proper dosage for treating hair loss has been established it seems to be one of the most promising areas of hair loss research at the moment.

The story of bimatoprost may remind of those of Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride), which were both initially used to treat other health conditions and their hair growth promoting properties were discovered only incidentally as one of their side effects. The major obstacle that will need to be overcome is the price, which at the moment seems prohibitive for a lifetime treatment.